Music for Quiet Moments

I’m creating a custom collection of music specifically for use by massage therapists, yoga/meditation practitioners, and others who enjoy a soundtrack for their moments of peace. Depending on the needs, I may customize these collections specifically to the various practices.

I know there is a lot of music out there that is used for these purposes, but I’m excited about creating music that is beautiful and inspiring, custom tailored to fit the context, and totally devoid of crashing surf effects and 1986 Casio keyboard sounds. You know? Just simple peaceful music that doesn’t draw attention to itself but is satisfying and inspiring when engaged. Listen to “Still Here” in the portfolio for an idea of the direction I think I might go with it, although I also have evolving visions that include a more electronic/ambient sound with a solo cello at the center.

I would love to get some ideas from professional massage therapists, yoga instructors, and other practitioners regarding what (in your opinion) works best:

  • A collection of shorter pieces, or one long piece?
  • Constant mood, or variety?
  • Electronic or acoustic?
  • Melodic or textural?
  • Particular genre?
  • If your music could telepathically understand what your heart wants while meditating, what would it become?

Professionals willing to provide some guidance in the form of an ultra-specific wishlist (a la Havi Brooks) and give a listen to a few works-in-progress will be provided with a FREE copy of the finished collection! If you know persons of taste and distinction who might have strong and helpful opinions on the matter, please send them my way.

Helpful feedback includes lists of your current favorites with a few notes about why they’re awesome and – if applicable – why they’re not good enough.  Gushy subjective guidance is welcome, too.  Use words or colors or pictures or stories to describe exactly what would feel right to you and I’ll do my best to translate that into musical language!  Rational list-making types can address practical concerns associated with various practices.

Lets make something great.

Please email iwouldlovetoinfluenceyourevolvingmusicformeditationproject (@corduroyaudio.com) or jabber here on the blog.

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