Heart-Melting Ear Candy

Here it is, folk.  Post number two from the long-winded and sporadically scheduled tour through the soundtrack of Jack’s life. These are the songs that made me laugh or ache or thrill so that before I had barely even made it through a first listen I was itching to play it again.  And usually, I did.  Again and again and again and again.  These are the songs to which I have dedicated my undivided attention on five or seventeen or a hundred different occasions.

Today is The Most Glorious Version of Ave Maria ever. You don’t need to be Catholic to love it.  I’m not.


The men of Chanticleer deliver a near-perfect execution of this marvelous bit of heart-melting ear candy.  Don’t take a sip of this music, please.  Gulp it.  Find time to listen to it beginning to end.  Close your eyes.  Listen too loud.

It is flowy and melty and patient and delicate and strong and decisive and expressive and simple.


(Do you love it? Buy it on the Chanticleer website!)

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