The Price of Sex

This past year I had the great privilege of contributing some original music to documentary photographer Mimi Chakarova‘s current project, “The Price of Sex”.

Although the film is still in post-production, there is already a well-designed website full of deeply moving stories selected from Chakarova’s 7+ years of research, visits to eastern europe, and dangerous undercover work.

The photography is stunning, the stories are compelling, and the cause is exceedingly worthy of your time. If you have even the smallest interest in this issue then I hope you’ll visit the site and see for yourself.

If you know community leaders, educators, activists, or anyone else who could be effective links in the chain that will increase the reach of this important work, then please take a moment to share it with them.

You can hear some of the music I contributed in my portfolio.  Watch for a release of the film during the spring of 2011.


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The past month has been a mess of fun busyness.  I’m hoping to carve out some time in the next week or two to post excerpts from music that I created for short films, fashion, experimental film, in addition to some new experiments for the Corduroy portfolio.  Fun.  Fun fun fun.

Most recently, I created music for this groovy PSA from talented Vancouver-based filmmaker Dylan Jenkinson.  Dylan orchestrated this collaboration across time and space with contributors scattered across North America.  Its amazing what can be accomplished via internet these days.

This simple synthy score was written to play a gentle backup to the story of the film while adding a sense of irony, introspection, and momentum.  Because PSAs are nearly always in danger of being laughably manipulative or didactic, my hope with this particular piece was to contribute music that was as subtle and thoughtful as the fine script and performances.  The amusing storyline has comic elements with a serious punch-line… a fun balance to play with.  Hoorah for everyone involved, this collaboration was lots of fun.

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Peggy Lee visits Corduroyland

I love it when clients send youtube clips as a way of sharing the type of music they’re after. I’m expecting my new client to provide a bunch of new ear candy. I just got a first idea from my contact on the production team and if this is any indication of the style they’re after, then I can’t wait to see what else they come up with. The whole team is due to discuss the style and send me more ideas next week. Can’t wait.


It’ll be super fun to create a few demos in this style… although I’ll be at something of a disadvantage by not starting with the incredible and sounds of Peggy Lee and her stand-in.

While I wait for additional reference tracks from this client, I’m hard at work on a student film. My guitar and piano-driven score flirts between alt-metal, grunge, and indie rock. What fun to have these projects on deck! The are completely different from each other, and completely different from the work I’ve gotten up in the portfolio so far. It will be exciting to add some pump and grit to the tame family of my current collection. Stay tuned. No… better yet… watch this amazing video. (Then stay tuned…)

And don’t forget about my yet untitled Very Peaceful Music Project. If you need Very Peaceful Music, particularly if you work in yoga or massage, then be sure to read my post on the topic and email me with your ideas! Don’t be shy.

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