I Make Tracks For Your Thing!

Need gooshy piano or swoopy strings or glitchy electronic tracks for your new album?

How about a sprinkle of “ding ding ding” or “bong bong” or “boom”?

I love contributing tracks to your projects and can do it all remotely thanks to the magic of the internet.

Here’s how it works.

First, there is YOU.

1) You create great music. You have a vision. You follow your ear.

2) However, sometimes your ear wants things that you just can’t deliver. Like orchestral arrangements. Or bells. Or intricate piano melodies. Or moody cello lines.

3) Sometimes you know your music is missing an extra something, but you just don’t know what that is. An added texture or depth or groovy hook, perhaps? You’ll know it when you hear it.

Then, there is ME.

1) I’ll ask a question or four and you’ll spill your vision. This might be very very specific in terms of tonality and instrumentation, or it may be just a broad commission to “add something great.”

2) I’ll dive into your music and follow my own ear, laying down a number of tracks. Depending on your time frame, I can provide multiple takes on one instrument, or a whole collection of options that range across styles and instrumentation.

3) I’ll deliver session-ready tracks that you can drop into your project. Use what you like. Mute the rest. You own it.

4) I help make your Awesome-ness just a little bit Awesome-er. Tada! You win!

Fees are quoted on a per-project basis, please enquire. Consultations are free. Send me the project for a listen and I can comment and, when applicable, point you to samples in my music library that indicate the direction my ears might ask me to go…

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