a noisy silent retreat.

I just returned from a week in the country and my ears are ringing a bit from too much time spent with my Macbook Pro and big fancy headphones.

I cobbled together a bit of a studio with a scrap of wood on the concrete slab from an old barn, long since abandoned and demolished. Sunshine, hawks, blue jays, stray dogs, and hoppy bugs. Dry grass breezes. It was a wonderful time to work on my now nearly-finished album of simple meditative music.

Originally I set out to customize this music for use by massage therapists and yoga folks and whatnot. But as I delved into the project I found that to brand in that way would be too limiting. What is evolving is simple and peaceful, but not without the occasional moment of stirring. I just couldn’t bring myself to create an hour of white noise. Besides, how do you appreciate the exhale and the rest if there was no inhalation? I look forward to sharing some of this music soon.

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