The past month has been a mess of fun busyness.  I’m hoping to carve out some time in the next week or two to post excerpts from music that I created for short films, fashion, experimental film, in addition to some new experiments for the Corduroy portfolio.  Fun.  Fun fun fun.

Most recently, I created music for this groovy PSA from talented Vancouver-based filmmaker Dylan Jenkinson.  Dylan orchestrated this collaboration across time and space with contributors scattered across North America.  Its amazing what can be accomplished via internet these days.

This simple synthy score was written to play a gentle backup to the story of the film while adding a sense of irony, introspection, and momentum.  Because PSAs are nearly always in danger of being laughably manipulative or didactic, my hope with this particular piece was to contribute music that was as subtle and thoughtful as the fine script and performances.  The amusing storyline has comic elements with a serious punch-line… a fun balance to play with.  Hoorah for everyone involved, this collaboration was lots of fun.

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