Heart-Melting Ear Candy

Here it is, folk.  Post number two from the long-winded and sporadically scheduled tour through the soundtrack of Jack’s life. These are the songs that made me laugh or ache or thrill so that before I had barely even made it through a first listen I was itching to play it again.  And usually, I did.  Again and again and again and again.  These are the songs to which I have dedicated my undivided attention on five or seventeen or a hundred different occasions.

Today is The Most Glorious Version of Ave Maria ever. You don’t need to be Catholic to love it.  I’m not.


The men of Chanticleer deliver a near-perfect execution of this marvelous bit of heart-melting ear candy.  Don’t take a sip of this music, please.  Gulp it.  Find time to listen to it beginning to end.  Close your eyes.  Listen too loud.

It is flowy and melty and patient and delicate and strong and decisive and expressive and simple.


(Do you love it? Buy it on the Chanticleer website!)

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Old School Ear Candy

If you’re a music lover then you probably remember your earliest experiences of loving a piece of music within seconds of it starting.  For thirty-one and a half years I have been subconsciously collecting simple musical moments, hooks, transitions, bridges, intros, instruments, vocal qualities and such.  Just about anything could inexplicably make my ear buzz.  But the times when both my ears and my heart resonated tend to dig most deeply.  As long as I have the inexhaustable resources of youtube and the platform provided by this blog, I’ll be gathering some of the ear candy that has shaped the way I hear music, and therefore the way I make music.  This lens has also become the aesthetic filter through which I receive art in most any genre.

For my kickoff, I bring you the glorious theme from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.  Music by Angelo Badalamenti.


The incredibly hooky bass line had me melting the first time I heard it and it still gives me chills.  Old school production values?  Simple chord progression and emotional melodies? Manipulative rock ballad drum grooves?  Yes! Yes! Yes! to it ALL.  Bring it on.  The retro sensibility adds to the charm.  This piece is aging beautifully.  Love it.

I’ll leave it to the film folks among you to comment on the video itself, but I personally find the marriage of this song to this opening to be supremely eerie and effective.  Is there anything this interesting and expressive on television these days?

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Peggy Lee visits Corduroyland

I love it when clients send youtube clips as a way of sharing the type of music they’re after. I’m expecting my new client to provide a bunch of new ear candy. I just got a first idea from my contact on the production team and if this is any indication of the style they’re after, then I can’t wait to see what else they come up with. The whole team is due to discuss the style and send me more ideas next week. Can’t wait.


It’ll be super fun to create a few demos in this style… although I’ll be at something of a disadvantage by not starting with the incredible and sounds of Peggy Lee and her stand-in.

While I wait for additional reference tracks from this client, I’m hard at work on a student film. My guitar and piano-driven score flirts between alt-metal, grunge, and indie rock. What fun to have these projects on deck! The are completely different from each other, and completely different from the work I’ve gotten up in the portfolio so far. It will be exciting to add some pump and grit to the tame family of my current collection. Stay tuned. No… better yet… watch this amazing video. (Then stay tuned…)

And don’t forget about my yet untitled Very Peaceful Music Project. If you need Very Peaceful Music, particularly if you work in yoga or massage, then be sure to read my post on the topic and email me with your ideas! Don’t be shy.

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Music for Quiet Moments

I’m creating a custom collection of music specifically for use by massage therapists, yoga/meditation practitioners, and others who enjoy a soundtrack for their moments of peace. Depending on the needs, I may customize these collections specifically to the various practices.

I know there is a lot of music out there that is used for these purposes, but I’m excited about creating music that is beautiful and inspiring, custom tailored to fit the context, and totally devoid of crashing surf effects and 1986 Casio keyboard sounds. You know? Just simple peaceful music that doesn’t draw attention to itself but is satisfying and inspiring when engaged. Listen to “Still Here” in the portfolio for an idea of the direction I think I might go with it, although I also have evolving visions that include a more electronic/ambient sound with a solo cello at the center.

I would love to get some ideas from professional massage therapists, yoga instructors, and other practitioners regarding what (in your opinion) works best:

  • A collection of shorter pieces, or one long piece?
  • Constant mood, or variety?
  • Electronic or acoustic?
  • Melodic or textural?
  • Particular genre?
  • If your music could telepathically understand what your heart wants while meditating, what would it become?

Professionals willing to provide some guidance in the form of an ultra-specific wishlist (a la Havi Brooks) and give a listen to a few works-in-progress will be provided with a FREE copy of the finished collection! If you know persons of taste and distinction who might have strong and helpful opinions on the matter, please send them my way.

Helpful feedback includes lists of your current favorites with a few notes about why they’re awesome and – if applicable – why they’re not good enough.  Gushy subjective guidance is welcome, too.  Use words or colors or pictures or stories to describe exactly what would feel right to you and I’ll do my best to translate that into musical language!  Rational list-making types can address practical concerns associated with various practices.

Lets make something great.

Please email iwouldlovetoinfluenceyourevolvingmusicformeditationproject (@corduroyaudio.com) or jabber here on the blog.

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frequently asked questions

About Corduroy Audio

Corduroy Audio is me plus at least one or sometimes three or many other talented musicians and engineers. Corduroy Audio is scalable for any budget; options, work-flow, and team members are customized to each project.

Corduroy Audio creates custom music for any industry or artistic genre. So far this has meant scores for film, documentaries, radio, web, and contemporary dance in the United States and UK.

A strong penchant for cross-disciplinary work means there are lots of experiments being stuffed in around the edges. Don’t be shy about pitching your idea, even if its Crazy or New.

Why Custom Music?

Custom music means more than simply wallpaper or garnish. Custom music helps tell any story.

Corduroy Audio offers a process and flexibility akin to that found in professional graphic design. Good questions and great listening ensure everyone is on the same page. Music is evolved and tweaked and tailored for a fit that is nuanced and unique.

Certainly you could borrow a template or re-use music from another project, but when you get quality custom work from a professional, the difference always shows.

Working with Corduroy

For capabilities and rates, or to license an existing track, please enquire.
Clients often fall into one of the following equally acceptable categories. Perhaps one sounds like you?

1. “I think I need music and have no idea where to start. Can you help?”
2. “I know exactly what I want but can’t describe it. Can you help?”
3. “I need music for my project and it must be [n] minutes long and should evoke emotions [x] and [y] but please not [q]. [These] styles or instruments might work, but definitely not [those]. I need a rough cut asap and a final within [x] days. Can you help?”

Corduroy Is Efficient And Mighty Fast

I love to collaborate and folks on my team always share a communication style that is solid and effective.
A web-based project management system enables intimate work with clients scattered across the globe. To-do lists, message threads, and managed milestones ensure effective collaboration. This level of organization ensures that deadlines are met, and provides you with regular opportunities to influence your music as it develops.

Efficiency also means speed. When your vision changes directions, Corduroy can jump tracks just as fast. Turn-around can be scary fast when required.

About Me

I am a musician, artist, and entrepreneur with experience that spans across artistic and professional disciplines. Music is only one of the things I love and/or love to make. Learn more and get in touch over at my headquarters in interwebbyland.

I am conservatory-trained with coursework in film scoring, loads of experience as a classical pianist, and extensive work in professional theater.

I [really really] love doing this.

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Growing Pains (UPDATE – alleviated!)

Yes… the PORTFOLIO currently leaves you stranded with no obvious way back to the main site. Sorry for the awkwardness of that. This is related to an unannounced feature change in the otherwise SPECTACULAR service provided by Bandcamp that helps me share my music with you. Within a week or three the integration will be fixed. Sorry. Thanks to those who noticed the glitch for speaking up.

One solution for now is to rely on surfing the tag cloud, as that will give you access to all the music in the portfolio without forcing you to leave the blog.

This problem has now been fixed!  The header now links back to the blog.  Thanks as always to the marvelous folks at Bandcamp for creating and maintain an excellent web-based platform for sharing music.

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tick tock tick tock ding!

New website. Here it is. This is it. The new website. This is the new website.



Thanks to Betty Hatchett Design for their inexhaustible genius and proficiency. If I were a website, I’d want to be THIS website.

My apologies for all the missing music… the portfolio is being reworked, so there are pieces you may remember that are absent. Stay tuned for all those and more.

Oh, and if you happen to live within reach of Manchester, UK, be sure to attend Thursday night’s Turn 2010 performance at greenroom. True Motion Dance Co. will be performing to “Drag Me, I Walk”, a new piece of music developed in collaboration with choreographer Kelly Marie Such for this event. With any luck we’ll be posting a video of the performance eventually.

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Drag Me, I Walk

<a href="http://listen.corduroyaudio.com/track/drag-me-i-walk-3">Drag Me, I Walk by Jack Corduroy</a>

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Still Here

<a href="http://listen.corduroyaudio.com/track/still-here">Still Here by Jack Corduroy</a>

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A Happy Panic

<a href="http://listen.corduroyaudio.com/track/a-happy-panic">A Happy Panic by Jack Corduroy</a>

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